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VP Panels - PLC-based Control Panels commonly used in projects and normally kept Ex-stock, ready for installation. Some features include, Auto-Off-Manual (AOM) Operation Mode, Incoming MCB, Starter (eg. DOL/ SD/ DS/ VSD), Interlock with Fire Alarm (24VDC), Weekly Timer, BMS Interface and Modbus RTU (RS485/ Ethernet) to SCADA systems.

SP Panels - Control Panels with special interlocking requirements. Such as Duty-Standby Aviation Obstruction Lights (AOL), Exhaust Fan interlock with Kitchen Hood and Exhaust Fan interlock with Aircon FCU.

MV Panels - PLC Local Control Panels for MV Fans and Firemen Remote Panel (FRP). Comercial, Rresidential and Industrial buildings with Cable Replacement System Strategy -- Control Panel with PLC controller, Reduce discrete electrical parts, Compact and energy efficient,  2-Wire Modbus RS485 Network for communication between Main FRP and Control Panels