VP-Control Panels - Range of PLC-based Control Panels commonly used in projects, made available as standard offer and normally kept Ex-stock, ready for installation. Some features include, Auto-Off-Manual (AOM) Operation Mode, Incoming MCB, Starter (eg. DOL/ SD/ DS/ VSD), Interlock with Fire Alarm (24VDC), Weekly Timer, BMS Interface and Modbus RTU (RS485/ Ethernet) to SCADA systems.

SP - Control Panels
- Control Panels with special interlocking requirements. Such as Duty-Standby Aviation Obstruction Lights (AOL), Exhaust Fan interlock with Kitchen Hood and Exhaust Fan interlock with Aircon FCU.

MV Panels PLC Local Control Panels for MV Fans and Firemen Remote Panel (FRP) for residential and industrial buildings. Cable Replacement System with embedded PLC controller. 
  • Automates Local Control Panel with PLC controller
  • Reducing the use of discrete electrical parts
  • More compact and energy efficient Local Control Panels 
  • 2-Wire Modbus RS485 Network for communication between main FRP and Local Control Panels

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