Products - VP 

General Descriptions
Value Panels (VP) is range of PLC-based Control Panels commonly used in projects, made available as standard offer, normally ex-stock and ready for installation. 

  • IP55 Enclosure (IP65 Optional Upgrade) 
  • IP2 Modbus RTU Controller and Power Unit 
  • Mains Incoming MCB and 2A Control Fuse 
  • Starter (DOL/ SD/ VSD) with Overload protection
  • AOM Mode select
  • LED indicating lamps for Run, Stop, Trip and Fire Alarm
  • Local start/ stop buttons
  • Interlock with Fire Alarm/ Smoke detector 
  • RS485 Modbus RTU (Optional 10/100 Mpbs Ethernet) to SCADA system for remote monitoring and control 

Modbus RTU 
With Modbus RTU, VP Control Panels can be remotely monitored using Master Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) or SCADA PC with RS485 network. This allows for implementation of SCADA-based Building Automation System. 


Models Prices (Exclude 7% GST) 
VP3-DOL - Direct On-Line < 3kW $ 394.95
VP3-SD5.5 - Start-Delta < 5.5kW $ 634.95 
VP3-DL - Two Speed of Single Winding < 3kW $ 634.95 
VP3-DS - Two Speed of Separate Windings < 3kW $ 634.95 
VP-2FCU - Duty-Standby Aircon Control Panel for 2 x FCU Units $ 789.95 
VP-2FCU-3GSMS - Duty-Standby Aircon Control Panel for 2 x FCU Units. With 3G SMS Controller for SMS Alerts  $ 1,189.95 
VP-2FCU-EMAIL - Duty-Standby Aircon Control Panel for 2 x FCU Units. With IP Controller for Email Alerts, Web page and remote monitoring with One Drive. Link to live remote monitoring of the VP-2FCU-EMAIL Control Panel in Workshop.  $ 1,289.95 
VP3-2DOL-KEF - Kitchen Exhaust and Fresh Air fans with 2 x DOL Starters < 3kW. Interlocks with Fire Alarm, Gas Pane and UV Lamp (IP65 Double Door Outdoor Enclosure)   $ 889.95 
VP3-2DOL-SP - Auto Change-Over for Domestic Sump Sumps with 2 x DOL Starters < 3kW (IP65 Double Door Outdoor Enclosure)  $ 889.95 
VP3-2DOL-BP - Auto Change-Over for Domestic Booster Sumps with 2 x DOL Starters < 3kW (IP65 Double Door Outdoor Enclosure)  $ 889.95 
Price Does Not Include 7% GST.
Exclude Site Installation, Cabling, Termination and Testing Works.

To order, please fax Purchase Order to 6776-7903 and indicate the models required.
For other custom requirements, please feel free to contact us.